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Looking for Rental near Pork Bay October 5, 2019

Looking for Rental near Pork Bay October 5, 2019

Good morning!

We are interested in renting a cabin in early October (looking at 10/6 – 10/8). We currently live in Atlanta and used to own a camp on the north side of Pork Bay (Weber, Kingsley, and Schwabe were our neighbors). My dad bought the propery in the late 1960s when we lived in Rochester and reluctantly sold it in the mid-1990s. We moved to Atlanta in 1978 and trips to Saranac became fewer and fewer.

We will be coming up to Syracuse for a family reunion on 10/5, and thinking this is likely the last time my parents will be visiting the Adirondacks (they’re now 76 & 77 years old), my sister and I are trying to find a two to three-bedroom place to rent that’s as close as possible to Pork Bay. It will be just the 4 of us – no children, no pets and I promise we’re great renters – you’ll hardly know we were there. 🙂

Would you mind giving me a call or sending an email if your place might be available to rent – or know of another place that might not be currently listed on one of the many online booking sites? The locations online near Pork Bay are typically larger than we need or desire a full weeks rental which, unfortunately, we do not have time for.

Thank you so much – I really appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing back from you!

P.S. I will also send this to your email address in case this message does not make it to you.

Warmest regards,

Suzanne McCabe Parham
Mobile #: 404-432-8083

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