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Boat Mechanic

Boat Mechanic

For about 6 or 7 years – with the exception of last year – we have had a boat mechanic come out to our camp at the beginning of each season to prep our boat (battery, lube change, spark plugs etc.) and sometimes drop it into the lake depending on which family member had a hitch 🙂 We have relied upon Dusso’s Crescent Bay Marina – however with the change in ownership to Saranac Marina, the new owner does not make “camp calls”. Can anyone recommend a mechanic who will perform this type of season prep at camp? Thanks!

  • Jim Leake on June 13, 2016

    Thanks for Peter’s name! I have him scheduled – seems like a great guy.

  • Fred on May 30, 2016

    Peter Meister 523-2866

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