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Adk Pollinator Project Activities

Adk Pollinator Project Activities

The Adirondack Pollinator Project (APP) is a blossoming new initiative of AdkAction in partnership with The Wild Center, The Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and Common Ground Gardens, that features an extensive program of educational activities and events throughout the summer. The program will kick off at area farmers’ markets and The Wild Center during National Pollinator Week, June 19-25th.

The Adirondack Pollinator Project’s mission is to inspire individual and collective action to help pollinators thrive. Film showings, hands-on beekeeping, gardening and citizen science workshops, and free public lectures by pollinator researchers are planned throughout the Adirondacks–from the Champlain Valley to Old Forge–to achieve this mission. Highlights of the programming are two free public lectures from Dr. Christina Grozinger, Director of the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State University, at The Wild Center on July 19th and at View Arts in Old Forge on July 20th.

Pollinators need diverse pollen and nectar sources, so the Adirondack Pollinator Project is distributing 30,000 free seed packets to help the Adirondacks bloom with hope for our pollinators. The seeds are a mix of annual and perennial wildflowers that are appropriate for the region, including many Adirondack natives. Seeds will be distributed throughout the Park along with a colorful brochure explaining the importance of pollinators for biodiversity and food security.

“Bees and butterflies are a non-threatening topic for discussion,” said Brittany Christenson, executive director of AdkAction, “and yet when the conversation begins, we invariably find ourselves talking about deeper issues like insecticides, pesticides, industrial agriculture, and climate change. We are excited to inspire more of these conversations across the Park this summer.”

Pollinators help produce approximately 1/3 of the food we eat. In New York State alone, bees and other pollinators provide some $350 million in pollination services each year. These sentinel creatures are in trouble across the globe. According to Jen Kretser, Director of Programs at The Wild Center, “Climate change is a real challenge to pollinators because they rely on seasonal changes to bring about timely blooms. A changing climate disrupts this regular pattern, and in turn, threatens how pollinators function in our ecosystem”

Homeowners can play an important role by providing diverse floral habitat by converting part of their lawn to a pollinator gardens or no-mow zones, adding nesting habitat, and avoiding plants treated with neonicotinoids. Adirondack residents can also help by buying local and organic foods (or growing their own at Common Ground Gardens) and engaging in citizen science with the help of Lake Placid Land Conservancy. These efforts will help more than just pollinators. They help our communities harmonize with nature, combat climate change, and boost the local economy.

A full schedule of events is available online at AdkAction.org/pollinators. Please note that some workshops and events require an RSVP and there may be an additional charge.

You are invited to support the Adirondack Pollinator Project by making a tax-deductible donation at AdkAction.org/contribute. Your entire donation will be used to inspire action to help pollinators thrive. AdkAction is a 501(c)(3) membership-driven non-profit that has been working to promote habitat for Monarch butterflies in the Adirondacks since 2014. The success of AdkAction’s Monarch Project inspired and formed Adirondack Pollinator Project.

The Adirondack Pollinator Project acknowledges these sponsors: The Adirondack Garden Club, Under the Sun Landscaping, Northern New York Audubon, and our media sponsor: North Country Public Radio.


Attachment: Adirondack Pollinator Project – Full schedule of Events

National Pollinator Week (June 19-25th)

Adirondack Pollinator Project will have a booth featuring a raffle for a Flow Hive at the following area farmers’ markets:

Thursday, June 22nd at the Tupper Lake Farmers’ Market at The Wild Center
Friday, June 23rd at the Elizabethtown Farmers’ Market
Saturday, June 24th at the Saranac Lake Farmers’ Market
Saturday, June 24th at Downtown Rising at the Strand Center for the Arts in Plattsburgh
Sunday, June 25th Keene Valley Farmers’ Market

We will also be set up at the Lake Placid Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, June 28th at St. Agnes School.

Free public lectures: “The Global Pollinator Crisis”

Lectures by Dr. Christina Grozinger, Director of the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State University.

July 19th @ The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Reception at 6 PM, lecture at 7 PM. RSVP Required.

July 20th @ View Arts in Old Forge. Reception at 6 PM, lecture at 7 PM.

FILM SHOWINGS: “More than Honey”

June 18th @ Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake at 6 PM.

June 22nd @ The Whallonsburg Grange at 6 PM, followed by a panel discussion with local bee-keepers.

July 6th @ The Strand Theater in Plattsburgh at 6 PM, followed by a panel discussion with local bee-keepers.

July 23rd @ Strand Theater in Old Forge at 4 PM, followed by discussion.

July 13th @ The Wild Center in Tupper Lake at 1 PM.

July 27th @ Lake Placid Center for the Arts in Lake Placid at 6 PM, reception to follow.

Also, visit The Wild Center for daily programming including a family friendly Golden Bee Quest and showings of the short film, “The Beekeeper” all summer long! Plus there will be weekly “Live from the Hive” talks with Wild Center curator and beekeeper, Leah Valerio (check Wild Center schedule for days/times)

Gardening & Beekeeping Workshops

June 24th @ The Wild Center: Bee Good to our Pollinators with Cornell Extension Master Gardeners from 11 AM – 4 PM.

June 24th @ The Wild Center: Backyard Beekeeping Workshop with Local Living Venture & The Wild Center from 1 – 4 PM.

July 13th @ The Wild Center: Hands-on Planting with Pollinator Friendly Flowers with Adirondack Garden Club from 11 AM – 2 PM.

July 19th @ Lake Placid Center for the Arts: A Pollinator Gardening Demonstration with Under the Sun Landscaping and the Lake Placid Garden Club from 12 PM – 2:30 PM.

CITIZEN SCIENCE: Learn to identify & monitor pollinators

August 16th @ Common Ground Gardens: A pollinator monitoring demonstration with Lake Placid Land Conservancy at 5 PM.

August 23rd @ Heaven Hill: A pollinator monitoring demonstration Lake Placid Land Conservancy at 4 PM with reception focused on pollinators & local food to follow.

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